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Flute 360

Dec 11, 2021

Flute 360 | Episode 182: “Let’s Talk Music Business with Eric Branner!”

In today’s episode, Eric Branner and Heidi Begay talk about what it takes to be a successful musicpreneur! This episode is for you, if you are wanting to move the needle forward in your music business and unsure of how to start. We discuss topics such as focus, owning your value, and time management skills. Eric is completely candid and a foundation of knowledge! Peek inside this CEO’s mind, so you can learn from one of the industry’s leaders!

Finally, go to to see if Eric’s services would be a good fit for your flute studio! Fons helps with your studio’s administrative tasks, such as scheduling and invoices. Since you’ll be saving time with less paperwork, now you’ll have more time for lesson planning and playing with your students!

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