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Flute 360

May 19, 2018

Flute 360 | Episode 8: “Student Success” (14:58)

In this episode, Heidi discusses student success. She talks about how you as the teacher can help motivate your students toward success through encouragement and support; as well as how to help each student thrive in a unique way depending on their personality and learning style. She encourages you to help your student find success, so that they can feel accomplished, no matter what the outcome may be.

Episode 8 – Main Points:

  • Organization of the studio space (0:53)
  • Showing support and encouragement (1:58)
  • Support will motivate students
  • Listen to their goals (6:39)
  • Students are unique individuals (8:09)
  • The student’s self-esteem and self-image (10:02)
  • Create a website tab that centers on student success (13:08)
  • Additional resources (13:52)
  • Be creative (14:16)

Episode 8 – Resources Mentioned:

Heidi Kay Begay's Information: