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Flute 360

Feb 29, 2020

Flute 360 | Episode 104: “An Interview with Heili Rosin” (29:46)

In today’s episode, Heidi talks with Heili Rosin who is the Winner of the 2018 NFA Young Artist Piccolo Competition (U.S.A.). Currently, she spends her time performing as a soloist and as guest principal piccoloist in several German orchestras....

Feb 22, 2020

Flute 360 | Episode 103: “An Interview with Seiya Ueno” (31:15)

In today’s episode, Heidi talks with Seiya Ueno who is an international flutist and teacher. His performances have been heard in Japan, Germany, France, among other countries. Seiya Ueno and Alexis Roman recently published an album that features W.F....

Feb 15, 2020

Flute 360 | Episode 102: “An Interview with Sarah Ouakrat” (31:43)

In today’s episode, Heidi talks with Sarah Ouakrat who is one of the guest artists at the upcoming Tampere Flute Fest held in Finland on April 25-26, 2020. Sarah discusses her orchestral career and offers advice to flutists who’d like to pursue...

Feb 8, 2020

Flute 360 | Episode 101: “An Interview with Alexis Roman” (34:38)

In today’s episode, Heidi talks with Alexis Roman who is a guest artist at the Tampere Flute Festival, which is held April 25-26, 2020 in Finland! Alexis talks about the various roles that a guest artist holds, such as performer, adjudicator, and...

Feb 1, 2020

Flute 360 | Episode 100: “Building Your C.V. Through International Experiences with Dr. Heidi Kay Begay” (18:36)

In today’s episode, Heidi shares her European music experiences from September 2019 – January 2020. Heidi was able to perform, teach, and present throughout Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria to various...