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Flute 360

Dec 25, 2021

Flute 360 | Episode 184: “Let’s Talk Music Business with Sarah Whitney!”

In today’s episode, Sarah and Heidi talk about music business. Sarah goes in-depth on the following topics: imposter syndrome, noticing your unique skill sets, and lessening the need to compete with your peers! Sarah holds a wealth of...

Dec 18, 2021

Flute 360 | Episode 183: “Let’s Talk Music Business with Dr. Katherine Emeneth!”

In today’s episode, Katherine and Heidi talk about music business. Katherine goes in-depth when it comes to the highs and lows of starting a business, how to launch a digital course, and noticing the breadcrumbs when it comes to...

Dec 11, 2021

Flute 360 | Episode 182: “Let’s Talk Music Business with Eric Branner!”

In today’s episode, Eric Branner and Heidi Begay talk about what it takes to be a successful musicpreneur! This episode is for you, if you are wanting to move the needle forward in your music business and unsure of how to start. We discuss...

Dec 4, 2021

Flute 360 | Episode 181: “Let’s Talk Business with Garrett Hope & Arthur Breur!” (1:02:38)

In today’s episode, the Ultimate Music Business committee members talk about what it takes to be a successful musicpreneur! Garrett Hope (founder of UMBS), Arthur Breur, and Heidi Kay Begay are the three executive...

Nov 27, 2021

Flute 360 | Episode 180: “Kathy Blocki & Molly Shortridge Talk About Being Businesswomen,” Pt. 2 (38:43)

In today’s episode, Heidi talks with Kathy Blocki and Molly Shortridge about the Flute Zoo Books, being businesswomen, and making mistakes while growing a business. We also talk about time management skills and...